Breakfast on Cyber ​​Security with Dreamlab and Chilean companies

//Breakfast on Cyber ​​Security with Dreamlab and Chilean companies

Breakfast on Cyber ​​Security with Dreamlab and Chilean companies

2018-10-27T16:49:18+00:00October 25th, 2018|News from Chile|

On October 23, the Chilean Chamber of Commerce organized, in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy, ​​and in the presence of the Ambassador, Arno Wicki, a breakfast for cyber security. Dreamlab, a Swiss IT company that also has headquarters in Chile, presented the current and timely need for the topic to the managers and security directors of several Chilean companies and banks.

DreamLab CEO Nick Mayencourt, who was the special guest, commented that Switzerland, being a competitive and innovative country, is constantly sending knowledge about cybersecurity to different nations. He went on to say that this issue is not only relevant for companies, but also for the economies of each country.

In summary, he stated that robberies, frauds or crimes have always been part of the dark side of humanity and technology / cyber accelerated them. “Today technologies are developed at the speed of light, and also crimes, so you have to be very well prepared in case you are a victim of hackers and minimize damage. Therefore, cyber security is a priority and must be part not only of business priorities, but also of global economies”, he said.

Being the month of October the one of the cyber-security, this event surely made the companies aware and opened cooperation channels between Switzerland and Chile.